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On February 1, 1867, the C&A and NJRR were informally joined as the United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Companies (UNJ).

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) approved a lease of the UNJ on May 15, 1871, and the UNJ approved May 19.

In the years following the PRR lease the Penn Central emerged and then Conrail.

In 1979, the commuter lines were acquired by New Jersey Transit.

During the days of steam locomotives, N de M was best known for operating Niagara class locomotives, which took their name from the New York Central Railroad locomotives of the same wheel configuration.

It was also the home of several narrow gauge systems that used steam, both nationally and regionally.

On May 18, 1872 the C&A, D&R Canal and NJRR were consolidated, forming the United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Company.

The new company was split into two divisions: the New York Division consisted of the NJRR and the C&A Trenton Branch towards Philadelphia, while the Amboy Division was the original C&A main line.

It began as the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, chartered in Nashville in December 11, 1845, built to 5 ft (1,524 mm) gauge and was the first railway to operate in the state of Tennessee.After several other mergers, in 1986 the Seaboard System was renamed as CSX Transportation, which continues to use the original NC&St L route between Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta.The Nashville & Florence Railroad was formed in 1879 to construct a 79 mile line from Columbia, Tennessee to Florence Alabama.Vanderbilt's other lines were operated as part of the NYC; these included the New York and Harlem Railroad, Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway, Canada Southern Railway and Michigan Central Railroad.The first railroad charter in the United States was issued February 6, 1815 to the New Jersey Railroad Company on behalf of John Stevens and others.

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